Tigernuts Traders, S.L was born at the late 90’s to satisfy the Tigernuts demand, a not very familiar product reserved almost exclusively for the Horchata market. Our target is to explode all its wonderful qualities and research for all the possibilities to this peculiar tuber in different International markets. More information about tigernuts.

Chufas - Tigernuts - Cyperus Sculentus Lativum

Customer satisfaction is the most important for us!

Thanks to the determination and efforts of its members, Tigernuts Traders, S.L is a consolidated company in Tigernuts’ international markets and growing constantly after new markets thanks to the efforts done in the research and development of this tuber.

Tigernuts Research and Development

More information about TIGERNUTS TRADERS

We suggest you to visit our main webpage (www.tigernuts.com) to contrast all the information about our company and products.

Some of the products of Tigernuts Traders

Chufas peladas
Harina de chufas
Horchata de chufas
Aceite de Chufas
Carpas y Chufas